Fixed the Raspberry Pi’s fan

USB fan did the trick, unplugged the loud as fan, took the PS4’s fan, and it’s still cool. Even with the top of the case on. It’s blowing sideways, instead of blowing directly on top of it.

Streaming from Channels DVR, and looks like it might be cooler, then that loud ass fan. I’ll order another fan for the PS4, even though it doesn’t really need one. Somebody said you do for the thing that lets you use a 3.5″ drive with it. But it’s using a WD 1 TB drive, that might be slow RPM, so it probably doesn’t run hot.

So maybe I won’t replace the PS4’s fan.


The USB fan isn’t exactly quiet. The one for the PS4. No worries, I ordered one like I have on my desk for some drives in a dock. No idea if it’ll cool as well though. I’ll find out soon. Different noise then the case fan, it’s a fan noise. The case fan doesn’t sound good.

Only one problem, it might be blowing hot air on my backup drive. Not enough room to put the fan on the other side of the Pi. Well, maybe if I rotate the drive the Pi is sitting on. Right now, cables are in the way. Need to make a script to save the temperature to a file, so I don’t have to SSH to check it. I can just open a text file if I do that, run it every five minutes.

I’ll know this fan dies, as I won’t hear it anymore. The fan I bought, I might not notice though if it dies. Or perhaps make it shutdown the Pi if the temperature goes to 70C or more.