Expedition X not great to watch before bed

The latest you’d probably want to watch such a show is 8 PM. Depending on when you go to bed.

Thanks to the TV guide for being a dick, all three Josh Gates shows are in one recording, the first one on is Expedition Unknown. Skipping to Expedition X in the recording would be a pain, as then you have to rewind to watch the other show.

I looked at Philo a while back, and all three shows are in one show on there too. At least until the other show is on again.

They should fix the fucking TV guide data. So I don’t have to wait until after 8 PM to start watching them. I could be watching them while others are recording, but I guess they don’t want you doing that. Well, they probably don’t want you recording it. At least not the way I am, using Channels DVR, it can record TV Everywhere channels.

Weird dreams, and I might have thought it was real. Didn’t sleep very good, I also kept waking up to look behind me and stuff.

Now you know why those haunting me don’t do much. It’s a haunting of love, therefore they don’t want to scare the shit out of me. They don’t want to make me mad either.

Would trying to record them saying something scare the shit out of me? And can you use an iPhone instead of a voice recorder? I have a nice microphone.