Downgraded Mesa

And proved the Mesa update broke Flatpak Firefox. See this. Firefox is unusable with the new Mesa.

I even moved my Firefox profile, created an empty folder, and opened Firefox, still broken.

“lib32-mesa-22.1.1-2 mesa-22.1.1-2” The packages that break Firefox.

Probably should have added Mesa to the ignore list. But I do plan on updating Mesa, perhaps once Flatpak Firefox gets updated.

The only reason I can think it’s fine on my laptop, is a different GPU. Both are AMD though. I even undid more of the stuff I did for accelerated video. I found the site I followed the instructions to enable it, and reset all the about:config stuff.

And it doesn’t even work with a clean profile.

Apparently nobody else is using Flatpak Firefox in Manjaro with a AMD RX 5500 XT. Or maybe it only affects my version of that GPU, and nobody else is using the same one.

I could buy a new GPU, but that’s a lot of money. Might fix it though. And I won’t have to submit a bug report in that case.