Don’t change your US Mobile plan 7 days in advance

Or however many days in advance it was. It charges you for the new plan, and changes your plan right away. I figured it would just change it once the current plan expires, nope.

And my PayPal money wasn’t available until today. So thanks to US Mobile for not being clear, I now have a possible horrible auto renew date. There’s no guarantee PayPal will have my money on the 7th every month. PayPal is a dick. Not to mention, that is a slight waste of money.

So I guess turn off auto pay, and change your plan when you pay it. Don’t pay it till it expires.

I changed to a pooled data plan, it’s cheaper. Not sure you even have to pay the $2 fee either. Around $11, instead of around $16.

Probably need to get a different debit card to pay for these bills, since PayPal thinks it’s convenient to make me wait 5+ days to transfer money into PayPal. The money leaves my credit union before 5 days, so where is the money if PayPal doesn’t have it? In the mail?

No, I’m not transferring money to PayPal before I get my money. Shouldn’t need to do that. Instead, I’ll get a different debit card to use. As PayPal clearly isn’t convenient.

There was no option to change on renewal. Probably by design, they make more money that way. If you don’t use your entire previous plan.