Does my Vizio soundbar even support eARC?

If not, that could be why I have so many issues. Something said Dolby Atmos can work over ARC, if it’s encoded with Dolby Plus or something. TrueHD I think it said requires eARC.

Well, better search to see what soundbar I have. Too bad I can’t search on the main site, the post might be hidden from the search. Have to search in the admin interface.

It’s a Vizio M21d-H8R. Is that the right one? Says it’s $150. Doesn’t seem to come with a dedicated subwoofer and two rear speakers, like mine. I think I paid $300 or so.

They must have used the same model for a new one. Nope, that must have been an old soundbar I had. Probably gave it to somebody. Got to search again.

The correct soundbar is M51ax-J6. Looks like it supports eARC, and the current firmware, improves eARC.

No idea what version is on it. I’ll update it and see what happens. Doesn’t say the date of the firmware. Guess I’ll let it tell me the firmware it has before I update it. Yup, it’s outdated. How many times will I have to update the fucking firmware on this soundbar? Does some other brand have one for $300 or so that does Dolby Atmos?

Should be configured how it was now. Oh and the remote, the official one, even says HDMI-eARC for that input. Not sure if you can program the Logitech remote to change settings on this soundbar.

Also, I don’t think it reset last time I updated it, I did obviously check. Need to make sure Bluetooth isn’t on with it off, if it is, I didn’t turn it off. Assholes will connect to it, and try sending their shitty audio to it.

Phone doesn’t see it. Should only be visible on the Bluetooth input. You don’t want some asshole changing it to Bluetooth while you are watching TV.

Now to change the Logitech remote back to how it was, I think what I changed did nothing though.