Does HestiaCP have some kind of website stats?

Like AWStats? If so, it might be worth switching to. Or if I can download the logs easily, I can use GoAccess. I couldn’t get GoAccess to work with the logs generated by OpenLiteSpeed. Didn’t try that hard though. Yes it does. I just searched on DuckDuckGo.

My chicken is almost done, so no time to change the server right now. Also, I might just keep CyberPanel, until I find more bugs. I need to check the backup files, to make sure they aren’t empty or something. I do have backups from BuyVM as well though.

Should have tried HestiaCP before CyberPanel. I think the only real benefit to OpenLiteSpeed, is if you don’t want to configure anything. That’s a good thing for lazy people.

The DDoS protection could be the cause of my problems as well. If so, I should cancel the DDoS protection. It isn’t using all the RAM or CPU. So no idea why it can be slow. They say if it isn’t cached it’s slow. Which is lame, even for one person? Cause I could use Apache, and it wouldn’t have the long delay it randomly gets. Or I doubt it would.

I should spin up a Podman for CyberPanel on my desktop, and see if it has the same problem. Only give it 1 GB of RAM, and 1 core or thread. If it’s internet related, then there won’t be a problem, since I’ll be local.

The login page for the control panel on BuyVM has the same issue. So I suspect the DDoS protection. They should have a better server for their stuff.

Hmm, maybe it’s the shitty modem. It’s some Comcast crap, you have to use their modem, to get ACP credit. It’s in bridge mode. Maybe I’ll reboot it.

Might have enough time now, but my show will be ready around 7 PM. Might need to shit first. If I do it after the show, I might be up all night. Should reboot the modem before doing anything. To see if my internet is the problem. Or find some other site to login and see if it does the delay thing. I’m logged in to most of my stuff. Too lazy to log out.

And you probably can’t limit the CPU or RAM per user, you might be able to with ApisCP though. Not sure I want to pay for a control panel. A lifetime license might be fine. Not in a hurry to try HestiaCP, since there’s no CPU or RAM limiting. Might as well keep CyberPanel in Ubuntu, it doesn’t do that in Ubuntu either. If I switch to CentOS, you can do it in CyberPanel. But I’m not sure a CentOS based distro will work, it might need yum.

Don’t think my static site has any issues. So I guess OpenLiteSpeed can’t handle PHP.