I haven’t had diarrhea for some time. Well, I shouldn’t be constipated anymore. No idea if it was the fiber or cereal. Cereal sometimes gives me diarrhea the next day. I ate some last night.

How come ice cream doesn’t give me diarrhea but cereal does? I’d buy honey nut cheerios but they actually do give me diarrhea. It might be all cereal, the stuff with sugar, and the stuff without sugar. Does honey nut cheerios have sugar? Probably not as much as the cereal I ate last night.

Oh wait, raisin bran might not.

Well, got to go watch TV for three hours straight now. Fucking TV guide data is broken. Even the show on Philo is broken, or was last time I looked. Well the other show I keep telling it not to record, that’s doing the three hour thing, is three hours on Philo. So I assume the show I’m about to watch is doing it too. I’m too lazy to check. Check yourself.