Damn it

Dolby Atmos is a pain. My Xbox Series S keeps losing signal while playing The Elder Scrolls Online now, and then Dolby Atmos gets disabled. I’m guessing it’s the cable from the Xbox to TV. It might be the HDMI cable it came with, don’t see a brand on it. Thanks Microsoft, for providing a shitty cable with the Xbox. Not sure I have any spare cables that’ll work, I think I got rid of most of my cables. Should look on the table though before ordering one. No idea which one to order either, should probably order two, in case I need to change the one going from soundbar to TV too. That would be $60 for two Belkin cables. Amazon might have one that’ll work. That might be what is going from TV to soundbar. No issues with the Apple TV, but it’s plugged directly into the soundbar.

No wonder Dolby Atmos has been giving me issues on the Xbox, might not be the TV or soundbar, but the cable or cables. I could just not use Dolby Atmos on the Xbox, that’s the cheapest option.

Looks like the Amazon cable I have is white, if it’s the same one I have, it’s in my order history, but they could have changed it since 2021. That cable is only $11. Doesn’t say eARC, but says 48 Gbps. It can do 8k, you’d hope it can do eARC too.

Well, I might have ordered the two Amazon cables, you won’t find 48 Gbps cables for $11 in town.

I think the expensive Belkin cable is plugged into the Apple TV.

You’d think the game console would come with a good HDMI cable. One that supports everything, and doesn’t die. Not if you buy an Xbox, Microsoft sucks. Sony probably sucks too. At least my PS4 is still on firmware 7.55, it’s hackable. There’s a new exploit for Blu-ray, you might be able to burn backups to Blu-rays someday, and play em. But it would probably be logged, so I probably won’t do it. There’s online features that I might want.