BuyVM should add a country blocker to their DDoS Protection Firewall

I don’t need Russia accessing my server. I doubt any actual people in Russia are reading this blog. Most is probably bots trying to hack it.

The same with China. And why isn’t my server’s IP blocked in China? The Chinese government isn’t great. Perhaps I should post news articles China doesn’t like, and then maybe they’ll block my server’s IP.

Is there a list of every Russia IP range? Cause it looks like I need to manually add all of them. Hmm, there’s an easier way, add US ISPs to allow, and block everything else. Except, what if a horny gal from Japan wants to see this?

That still won’t ban all malicious traffic. They can just use a hacked Windows computer as a proxy.

Nice, the last range I blocked, actually made this site faster. Must have been hammering it. Perhaps I should auto ban every IP accessing this site, that isn’t mine or Jetpack’s.

And I can’t block anymore with the DDoS Protection Firewall. It won’t add the latest one. Looks like there’s an error, but the box is empty, you can’t see the error message.

Now I have to use the server’s firewall to block. Lame, that requires server resources. And even more lame, CyberPanel’s firewall rule, I think only opens ports. Doesn’t let you deny stuff. I could install CSF, but I’m lazy. Yes CyberPanel can install it for me, but do I really need CSF to block an IP range? Maybe I’ll install CSF later. Still waiting for a bowel movement.

CSF can block countries, but it says not to use on a VPS, and it won’t block all IPs in the country, depends if it’s geo whatever.