Backups don’t work anymore

Using CyberPanel. It doesn’t completely upload the backup, and doesn’t even make a backup for two other sites.

It’s possible Secure Dragon is having issues now. Or BuyVM is doing something, like rebooting the VM. Or their network sucks.

If BuyVM is doing something, I think I’ll switch providers. They could just limit my CPU usage, if that’s the problem.

Nope, don’t think it rebooted, at least not according to their control panel. Too lazy to login to SSH right now. Perhaps there’s a log file that says why it’s not uploading all of the backup. I’ll check later, to get the full log file, you have to SSH into it.

There was no point in SSHing into the server, the log is basically useless. Might be time to stop using it. Reinstall with a distro I’d rather use, like Debian, and set it up manually I guess. But I’m not sure NGINX will perform great with 1 GB of RAM. WordPress doesn’t perform great with 1 GB of RAM. Apache would probably be slow.

Perhaps CyberPanel will fix their control panel. If I wait long enough.

I changed the cron to 12 AM, perhaps that’ll fix it. No idea what the problem is, so it might change nothing.