Backup drive on Raspberry Pi shouldn’t spin down anymore

hdparm -S 0 /dev/sda

Replace /dev/sda with the drive, in my case /dev/sdb. Perhaps I should do the same for the other drive too, except it seems to not spin down, probably because Channels DVR is running from it.

Mostly did so, because it’s annoying. When I check the drive, I have to wait for it to spin up. Hard to believe that the drive doing that will kill it, but perhaps it will. And if so, I should re enable it. So it might die under warranty, and I can get a replacement.

I also had to run apt install hdparm before running the above.

I found that command on an old forum post. No I can’t remember anything, and yes I’m too lazy to run man hdparm. First I’d have to remember there’s such a command, and then I’d have to know what it’s for. Much easier to search for the solution, then use your brain.

Oh and apt is fast on the Raspberry Pi now. No more SanDick micro SD cards will be used in it, Samhung is better. That’s what she said.

If that command gets an error, try adding the “–prefer-ata12” option. I didn’t need to. It’s a regular NAS drive in a USB dock.