AMD Mendocino laptop might be better buy then Steam Deck

Not as small. But if it has dual channel RAM for $400, it’s a good price for a laptop. Or if you can upgrade the RAM yourself. If they come out before I can order the Steam Deck, perhaps I will cancel my reservation for the Steam Deck.

Harder to take a laptop in the bathroom though. Yes, I need to play games on the crapper. Speaking of, I think I need to shit again. Nice, the laxative is slowly working.

Something said Q4 2022 is when they come out. If Valve doesn’t delay my reservation, I could get a Steam Deck sooner. I could sell the Steam Deck for a profit on eBay. Depending on how much the fees are. $800 should make a profit. If the profit is too low after fees, then $1,200 might work. And then I can be an asshole scalper.

Too bad you probably can’t give your reservation to somebody.