AC Infinity MULTIFAN S3, Quiet 120mm USB Fan

It not as loud as the USB fan I was using with the Raspberry Pi. But it looks like the temperature might have increased slightly. Need to see what it is, when transcoding. Just watch something live on Channels DVR in a web browser.

I have one of those fans on my desk too. So I already knew it isn’t as loud as the other fan.

Looks like around 50C, don’t recall what it was with the old USB fan. Possibly the same.

Well, not enough to care. Not having a loud ass fan is worth a possible slight increase in temperature. And maybe watch in a web browser with hardware acceleration for videos. I could reenable it, but I’m lazy. I’ll wait until I can upgrade Mesa.

If it’s not because of the lack of hardware acceleration, then the Pi is too slow to transcode video. The video was paused. Testing Fox now.

Now waiting to see if it gets to 60C.

How long till it goes back down to 44C or so? Don’t really need to leave SSH open, I can check every five minutes in the text file. But that isn’t every two seconds.

Nice, I can’t embed MP3s on this blog, but can on the other one. There’s a recording with the voice recorder right by it. The recording is louder then what I hear. Not even sure putting my ear by it, it’s that loud.

Better make sure I turned the AC back on.

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