Above 4G enabled in bios, might have gotten rid of stuttering in Wurm Online

Didn’t really do much, I’m far too lazy to play Wurm Online. I barely play The Elder Scrolls Online. All I do is the daily crafting quests, and look for stuff, then try some pick pocketing, then that turns into murder sometimes. Then I hide in the outlaw place, so I don’t have to pay my bounty, but there’s not much to do there, so I just turn the Xbox off. No idea how long it takes for the bounty to go away. Once I tried playing again, but still had a bounty. So now I just wait till the next day. I also pay to increase my mount speed everyday.

I’m too lazy to find more quests in the area I’m in. It might not be as popular as other areas, so I don’t plan on going anywhere else.

Hmm I must collect money by killing stuff, and selling some of the stuff I get. I don’t make medium or light armor. So I sell all stuff used for that. Not to a Guild Trader or whatever, just a merchant. I’m too lazy to join a guild. Some of them cost money. I’m not spending any of my in game money to join a guild. I think I have over 30k in the bank. I don’t like carrying too much, in case I get a massive bounty. They will be able to kill me, but not collect the entire bounty. Do they just take all your gold? And keep killing you until you get the rest? In that case, I need to put more gold in the bank. But I need enough gold to pay the stable person, and to buy flint or whatever. I already have to make a ton of trips to the bank. To get money might make another trip, I could combine it, but I’ll forget.

I’m a hoarder, so don’t have that much free inventory on my character or bank. The bank is full, but you can stack stuff, so I put everything I can stack in it. I should upgrade my slots, but I’m cheap.

Going from PvE to PvP or back, the FPS goes somewhat low, I think I saw it go around 60 FPS when switching back to PvE. The game isn’t exactly well optimized. And written possibly in Java. Surprised that didn’t seem to make it stutter.

Need to test a different game, and see if there’s any difference, but I’m lazy, so I probably won’t. I won’t be buying any Steam games for a while, if ever. They refuse to fix this bug, so I think I’ll not give them any money.

Oh wait, I was going to buy a Steam Deck. Perhaps I should sell it on eBay after I get it. I won’t be streaming games from my Linux PC to it, the workaround for audio isn’t worth the trouble. They for some reason never fixed that bug, I guess they don’t actually like Linux as much as they claim. I’m not holding my breath that they will fix that bug.