You can use NVIDIA in Linux now or soon

They are apparently open sourcing their driver, not the user space software though.

How long till the kernel includes it? Eh, I think AMD is still cheaper. I should buy the AMD RX 6650 XT. But I haven't been playing any PC games, so it doesn't really matter what GPU I have. Also, I doubt it would fix the stuttering in Wurm Online, if I ever play it again.

Ha, all the user space stuff is closed source, like OpenGL, Vulkan, etc. But I think it means you can use any kernel you want. Maybe.

I'll keep AMD.

NVIDIA will still be too much work, you need closed source crap to actually do anything with the GPU. You can boot probably almost any live Linux distro, with an AMD GPU, and have fully functioning GPU support.

The reverse engineered open source driver, doesn't even have Vulkan support for user space yet. But they might be able to use the open source kernel driver, and focus on user space.

And I didn't know Vulkan and crap was user space. All I know is AMD works without doing anything.