Will the Raspberry Pi ever have a better CPU?

A CPU as good as Apple’s. Then it’ll be a Mac mini killer. Maybe add eGPU support to it as well. Apple doesn’t support eGPU anymore, not on Apple Silicon Macs. So you are stuck with their shitty video. It’s worse then the GPU in my desktop, and eGPU enclosure.

It probably doesn’t need to be as good as Apple’s CPUs, just better then it is.

My Raspberry Pi has 8 GB of RAM, if I recall correctly. Kind of pointless, considering how slow the CPU is. Just run “apt update” or any other apt command.

But if it’s closer to the M1 CPU, some people will buy it over Apple. If it supports eGPU, I might switch to one, from my power hungry desktop. To low power computer, with a power hungry eGPU.

They can raise the price, I’ll still buy it. Then I can ditch AMD as well. Except, the eGPU will be AMD.

Hmm, that’ll be a nice future, small computers. AMD and Intel might cease to exist. Well, Intel fangirls, will still think Intel is better, even if they need a nuclear power plant to power it.