Why is my bandwidth usage in CyberPanel 0?

It’s been days since I installed it, and it still says 0 for my bandwidth usage. Is it because the allowed is 0? Zero allowed means there’s no limit. Perhaps it doesn’t keep track if there’s no limit. Which is lame. No stats, and no bandwidth usage.

Why would anybody pay for CyberPanel? Jetpack isn’t a good stats substitute, it doesn’t show all traffic, like bots with no JavaScript. Or people that block it.

Perhaps you need CentOS for bandwidth usage as well. Can you use one of the CentOS based distros? CentOS changed something, and a bunch of forks were made. And can it automatically connect to SSH install and restore my backups and configure everything? If not, I’ll keep the OS as Ubuntu.

If you search for a solution to no bandwidth usage in CyberPanel, you’ll find no solutions. One person said you have to wait 24 hours, it’s been more then that.