Why does she call the puppy a bad boy?

He doesn’t know what he should or shouldn’t do yet, he’s still a puppy. Yelling at him, isn’t a great way to teach him. You can probably correct him without doing that.

No wonder the dogs go to me when somebody is mad at a dog. The puppy does as well, and he hasn’t known me that long. It’s like they have an instinct to go to me or something. Perhaps because I almost never get mad at dogs. Only if they accidentally bite me, and it hurts. Well, not sure I would get mad about that anymore, it’s my fault for playing tug a war. Bodhi didn’t like it when I got upset with him about that once. Luckily, I didn’t stay mad very long.

The puppy can hurt me, but I don’t get mad. He likes chewing on me. He has sharp teeth. He made me bleed once, and I didn’t even feel it.

Now, Bodhi could hurt you more, he’s bigger after all. She won’t tell me how to teach Bodhi the correct way to play tug a war. I’d have to look it up, because she refuses to tell me. I’ll just get bit instead. She doesn’t play tug a war with him, so doesn’t care.

He still wants to play tug a war with me, but the puppy comes over and starts playing with him instead. Which is fine with me, no slobber, or accidental bites.