Where did all the posts go?

All the posts in the category "Uncategorized" have been excluded from everything.

There's some posts in there, that probably shouldn't be public. Hopefully I forget to change the category, so this site has no new visible posts. It's a journal, do you really need it all visible?

Haha, I originally put this in the wrong category. Meant to put it in "Pubic".

Now to get rid of the count by the categories and archives, as it's wrong. Well, that many posts, but not all visible.

The other option was to make the entire site private.

The bots will like a dead site, they'll stop wasting server resources.

Hmm, maybe just keep the count by the categories and archives. Too bad the plugin excludes it for everybody, including me.

There's a plugin for private categories, but it costs at least $50 a year. I only would want the category plugin, so I'll pass on paying $50 for it. Not sure what you are getting. And it probably doesn't fix the count for the archives. It lets you require people be logged in, or have a password, to view some categories.

Hmm, are the actual posts viewable though if you have the URL? Yes they are, so the search engine already indexed it all. Looks like I need to make the entire site private then.

I might keep all the posts visible if you have the URL. Good luck finding the URL for any new posts though. I might not post anything new in that category.

An easier solution, then making the posts private, is deleting them.