Those fries don’t smell very good

And the Instant Pot Air Fryer doesn’t do 425F, 400F is the max. Just stopped the machine, to see if they were burnt or something, nope. They just don’t smell good. Might be throwing em out, if they taste like they smell.

How can you buy bad french fries?

Might take a while to cook em, since it doesn’t do 425F. Started at ten minutes, so I can shake it. Not sure if I used half a bag, or more. I wasn’t exactly paying much attention.

If it doesn’t taste horrible, I’m going to put chicken chili on top of it. Instead of rice. I might be making more rice next though, as they might taste horrible.

Ten more minutes might be too long. Some of them are getting kind of crispy. Perhaps I didn’t even use half the bag. Maybe some slightly burnt as well. And that’s only ten minutes @ 400F.

Oh and the air frying container, is so hot, I can feel heat with the Ove Glove on. And kind of hard to shake it with only one hand, I do have two Ove Gloves, but I’m lazy, too lazy to grab the other one. Assuming I even know where it is. What is the max temperature of the Ove Gloves? I was afraid I was going to burn myself if I held onto it too long. Apparently they aren’t meant for holding on to hot stuff for very long.

Said something on the screen, possibly burned food. Well I stopped it, and the fries are done. Took only 15 minutes. The fries taste fine. Too bad the bag didn’t say how long for an air fryer. I think it’s Safeway’s brand. I see no point in buying expensive fries. If you want the best fries, buy potatoes, and make homemade ones. But I’m lazy.

And I cooked the chili too long, stuff burned to the bowl, and it exploded. Now I get to clean the microwave later too. Or leave it dirty. But it was much cleaner before the chili exploded. Should have checked on it when it sounded like something exploding, but I’m lazy.