The republicans really don’t care about life at all

Apparently the Supreme Court, is going to rule on a required to have a license to carry a concealed weapon in New York soon. And it sounds like they are going to rule against that law.

Instead of doing something to prevent mass shootings, they are doing the opposite.

Possible life inside a woman, they care about, but an actual living person that is breathing, they could care less about.

The Supreme Court is fucked because of Trump, they allowed him to appoint a bunch of people. They wouldn’t have a hearing on Obama’s pick. No problem with Trump’s picks though.

Not like it matters, possibly in 2030, it’ll be a superstate with communism and fascism. They might take away all gun rights when that happens. Bummer for the republicans, who won’t be in office anymore, nor will democrats.

When will the civil war happen? 2030? Before 2030? Possibly before 2030, and last for a long ass time. So might still be going on in 2030. It’ll be communism and fascism, so they can just use the military. They can do what China does.

Hmm, maybe that’s how they plan on reducing the number of people on this planet. Supposedly the planet can’t handle all the people on it. Move some to Mars, and let the rest kill each other off.

So it might be a death sentence, if you don’t go to Mars.