The new desktop AMD CPUs don’t support USB 4?

Thought I read it did, but it looks like it might not. Well, I sure as hell won’t be upgrading in that case.

The laptops might get it though.

If something I read said the desktop CPUs are getting USB 4, it might be wrong. What’s the speed for USB 4? “SuperSpeed USB with 20BGbps and Type-C™” that’s what the AMD site says.

Why wouldn’t they include USB 4 support? That makes no sense.

Some motherboards apparently have USB 4. According to this.

Still don’t need to upgrade till 2030.

I need to get a job, so I can get Threadripper, that’ll solve all my problems. No idea when new Threadripper CPUs are coming though. I need a 10k Threadripper machine. It’ll have a lousy GPU, cause I’m too cheap to buy a new one. I will pay over 2k for a CPU though. Maybe it’ll have integrated GPU. Get 20TB+ of space. I’ll need 40TB, so I can back it up. Just use USB 4. Then if your place burns down, you only lost 40TB of data. 100TB is better. Then you only need 200TB. Well, you are supposed to have two backups, so 300TB.

I’ll use under 10 TB most likely. I have almost 20 TB I think. But a bunch of drives are for backups.

I’m not sure my setup is exactly the cheapest way to do it, lots of external drives. All drives die eventually, so I plan on replacing all of them. I need another drive for the Raspberry Pi, to back it up.

Better idea, get an enclosure, and put two 6 TB drives in it, in a RAID 1. But they say that isn’t for backup, so I have no idea what the point in RAID is. Ok, two 3 TB drives in RAID 0. Back it up to the existing drive, or use the RAID 0 for a backup, a horrible idea perhaps. Cheaper to buy another 6 TB drive. So next month, I might order one.

Maybe they have a USB enclosure with drives in it already. Cheap drives, for cheap people.

I did buy some refurbished 3 TB drives, they are enterprise, and still work, well one still works. Other might have gotten loud. Oh wait, this one is slightly loud, because it had a ton of data on it. They are kind of old now. How much is a refurbished enterprise drive from them? Put it in an enclosure, a cheap ass one. Well, you need a fan, because enterprise drives are hot.

A refurbished WesternDick is $60, sounds like a horrible idea. WesternDick isn’t great. Well, my 1 TB one is. Not enough space anymore. I either need to delete, or get a bigger drive. I’m a file hoarder.

My most reliable drive, might be the NAS drive in an enclosure. Internal NAS drive, wasn’t cheap. Good idea, buy another Best Buy enclosure, might be Insignia. Do they still make em? But put a cheaper drive in it.

My 6 TB internal drive is a slower Seagate. Fast enough. Perhaps once it’s more full it gets super slow.

No Insignia 3.5″ enclosures anymore. That’s a nice enclosure though, no disconnect issues. If I go that route, I have to look at a bunch of crap, and hope I find one that doesn’t disconnect. The OWC enclosure is $55. I have or had an old one, I think it’s toast though, old. I want another Insignia one. Sucks they stopped making em.