The iPad mini has been connected to WiFi for almost five days

Think it was almost five days, I got a short memory, and I'm too lazy to log back into the AP. So only the iPhone and my old iPad disconnect I guess.

The iPad mini doesn't have WiFi disabling power saving?

The Apple Watch seems to be staying connected now as well. But it isn't always home, so it can't stay connected as long as the iPad mini can be. Will the iPad mini fit in my fanny pack? If so, I should bring that with me too when going places.

The WiFi is currently off on the old iPad, I haven't figured out what to do with the old iPad yet. I should reset it. But I might think of something to do with it. I think we got that iPad for $250 at Best Buy, on sale. The mini was $400.

Funny, the name brand case for an Apple Watch at Best Buy is $40, more then I paid for my iPad mini case. I found a case on Amazon for $11 or so, and you get two cases. Just need it to protect it from the puppy's teeth. I don't want him to ruin the screen on it. You aren't supposed to go swimming with that case on the Apple Watch though, the water will get stuck. You can wipe it out though. I don't go swimming, I don't want to drown.