Sometimes my Apple Watch case/screen protector gets rainbows

Not sure if it’s the screen or protector. Seems to happen when I leave my apartment, don’t notice it in my apartment. I think it goes away, so don’t know why it’s doing it. Thought maybe it was getting pushed down. But I can push on it and get no rainbows.

It’s not the entire screen that gets rainbows.

The case was cheap, so it doesn’t matter. Perhaps the sweater is making it get pushed down, but that doesn’t make sense, as I push on it and see nothing change. Perhaps it’s a temperature change.

Damn it, forgot to try charging my Apple Watch with my Power Station again. It works with my four port non Apple charger, I plug the thing you put the Watch on into it. I’d just plug the Apple Watch charging puck into a USB port on the charger.

Good to know, as I wear it to bed, so if it doesn’t work, I might be able to find a way to get it to work. Like using an AC adapter, and plugging that into the Power Station. I could even use an Apple AC adapter.