Site is back up

Don’t think the Mayo Host server could handle this site, and lots of issues. Like only being able to upload securely from a web browser, no working FTP over TLS, and of course no SFTP. Wouldn’t recommend Mayo Host or Host Mayo.

It’s back on BuyVM, on the 1 GB of RAM plan. If you are reading this, then the DNS is updated for you.

Firefox might have cached the DNS for my paranormal site, which is annoying. Can I add it to Cyberpanel yet? I don’t think it can get SSL for it, if the domain isn’t pointed to it yet.

Got to change the password and one time verification secret, if I can, on the paranormal site. Since the host may still have the backup of it. I had to share the backup on Amazon Cloud Drive with them, so they could restore it.

If the server has issues, I can fix it myself now.

Thanks to how the server is configured, it’s faster then DirectAdmin was with 4 GB of RAM. It’s Cyberpanel, but no DNS, FTP, or mail. I told it to not install that crap. Using Porkbun’s free DNS.

Probably won’t get another server from RamNode. Just one server this time. I lowered my bill, so I’m happy.

Faster then Mayo Host. Possibly faster then any shared hosting. Not much on the server.

I’m using Amazon Cloud Drive for my photos backup now. So no block storage was purchased. If I need more space, I’ll probably get some. No, you can’t be hosted on my server. I’m not a hosting provider, there’s legal liabilities doing that.