Mom has pneumonia. Only me and her got sick. I think I have/had the virus, that turned into pneumonia for her. Her doctor gave her some stuff for it, apparently she puked a bunch. Sounds worse then when I got it.

Somebody else is going to do my laundry for me. Maybe someday I’ll do it myself.

I just felt like I had crap in my throat for two days or so. Seem to be better today, did get some snot out of my throat in the shower today. Usually when I feel crap in my throat, it won’t come out. I think only two times stuff came out.

Hopefully nobody else gets pneumonia. If I get it, I’ll probably have to schedule an appointment with the people that come to you.

She took two COVID at home tests, both negative, so they said if she still had a fever to go in today. Long lasting fever, assuming she still has/had one today.

Still surprised I seem better today, it seemed like for a while, I kept catching shit, and it turned into something worse.