Perhaps that’s what happens if you don’t let go of stuff when alive

You go nuts. When dead, you might be trapped here, if you don't let go of anything.

It's not possible for me to let go of anything while in this state. I could forget everything, and that'll be like letting go.

The counselor and doctor aren't interested in my memory problem. Or not being able to concentrate on anything, like watching TV. They never say anything about my concentration.

So I think I should stop filling out that questionnaire. Just tell them it's the same as last time, if they ask, they probably won't.

Hmm, perhaps that's why I was told to let go of stuff. Too bad it isn't possible for me to let go.

She said I don't need to live in a nursing home. Insane people don't get sent to nursing homes?

Oh and apparently you get high after ejaculating. And apparently you have to use force to get off, I don't. it's possible I didn't understand a word she said, on "Our Father" on Netflix.

I don't think I get any high from masturbating. My dick only gets off so I stop trying to get off. Usually there's no pleasure when I masturbate.

Do you have a sex drive if you get dementia? Cause that'll suck, if you feel an urge to masturbate, but don't remember how. You'll just feel horny, and won't know what the feeling is.

Hmm, it might be easier to get off, with no memory. It might be a while before I have no memory. I won't even recall what a dick is.