Perhaps I should upgrade my server

I think it’s only $3.50 more a month if I upgrade to the 2 GB RAM plan. Might speed WordPress up.

And since I’ve been a customer for a long time, it will most likely get upgraded right away, I just have to expand the disk.

I should actually switch to a CentOS based distro, is CyberPanel will work on one.

Oh and you get 50% of the CPU if you upgrade.

Actually, I think it’s more then an additional $3.50 a month, as the backups probably cost more. Better keep the plan I’m on. Perhaps convert this site to a static site. There’s a WordPress thing to do it, but I’m lazy.

I think I can convert it to a static site, all on the server. CyberPanel supports Docker, probably not very well with only 1 GB of RAM.