OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual

That might be the only decent dual bay 3.5″ enclosure. There is a review on the single bay one, that says it’s cheap junk. I wouldn’t consider it cheap though, the single bay one, around $50. You can get a single bay enclosure for $20.

I’d only put one drive in it, and in the future put another one in it. Wouldn’t use RAID. Not even software RAID. RAID isn’t a backup, and I’m not buying more then one $100 enclosure. The second drive will be for when the USB drive dies, the one that is just a USB drive, it came that way.

It would be cheaper to just buy two $20 enclosures. I want an Insignia enclosure like I have, don’t know how much it was, could have been $50, but it’s a nice enclosure. Only one drive fits in it.

One of Best Buy’s brands, might make a dual bay dock. Just get a USB fan. How many USB ports does the Raspberry Pi have? Might only be two 3.0 ports, don’t know about any other ports. Not exactly the best solution, the drive is sticking out if you do that. Not completely covered.

Insignia still makes a 2.5″ enclosure. Why not 3.5″? Not everybody wants a dual dock. Well, I need a dual dock for my desktop. I have another 3 TB refurbished drive, that I think is fine. Unless I gave it away. I’m too lazy to open my desktop, and put it in there. Might not have any SATA cables, and modular PSUs are a pain in the ass, depending on where the PSU goes in the case. You might have to remove the PSU to plug anything into it. Also, I might need a bracket or something to attach more 3.5″ drives in the case. Might have came with it, no idea. Much easier to pay $50 for a dual bay dock. Don’t buy the dock from OWC, it’s $100.

I think my dock is a Plugable one.

If you want a single bay one, Vantec might be good enough. Think that’s the brand of my Blu-ray enclosure. But I won’t buy the $20 enclosure now, I found out they have nicer ones. I don’t want the drive getting hot. Go to their store on Amazon. Looking for a dual 3.5″ one, they have a dual 2.5″ one. Perhaps the $20 one is fine. The one with a fan, might not mount after rebooting. You have to power toggle it. And macOS isn’t based on Linux.

Look at the reviews on Amazon. I won’t pay $100, for the possibility that it’ll corrupt my drives. They use Windows though, so could be a Windows problem. Not sure JMicron is a good chipset, seems to be in cheap stuff, so why pay $100 for it?

And Vantec might be junk, might fry a USB port, so plug into a hub. Cheaper to replace a hub then your computer. Who makes a good USB enclosure? Nobody? Bummer. Guess you should just buy one of those bare SATA adapters, and make an enclosure yourself.

I think I found the Insignia enclosure I have, almost $17. Not from Best Buy, on Amazon, just searched for enclosures, not Insignia specifically. Perhaps Best Buy has it on eBay. If they are on eBay.

Might go with the OWC dock for $100. For my desktop, and give the Raspberry Pi the old dock. The OWC dock has a better chipset then their enclosure. Plugable doesn’t make a dual dock. Though it would only be around $40 for a Plugable single drive. And look at the reviews on their dock. An unverified bad review claims they wouldn’t replace it. Probably a fake review. Unless they bought directly from them, in that case, post review on their site, not Amazon.