OPSEAT is no more

Looks like at some point they went out of business. So no parts to fix my chair.

You know how much a gaming chair is now? Over $400. I won’t be in a hurry to buy a new chair. You might be able to find cheaper ones, but they probably suck. I want full reclining.

I might just get a regular computer chair from Office Depot.

No idea when I bought this chair.

Bought it in 2020, so it lasted two years. I can’t get it to go down or up anymore. And it went down when sitting on it as well, without doing anything. Guess I weigh too much. Makes some noise when reclining as well.

Perhaps Office Depot has a full reclining computer chair, for $200 or so. Might test my luck with RS Gaming. If it reclines. Damn, no reclining, on the cheap one, around $200. Might have to give up reclining. That sucks.

There’s one for $259, that might recline, but the weight limit is 250 pounds. I’m too fat. Either I have to wait a couple months, till I can spend $400+ or buy a no reclining one. I have to keep money in the credit union, apparently I know I’m going to need to replace stuff. Damn drive is $135. Over $500 if I want a $400+ chair. Under $400, if they have a chair for $220. I forgot how much the cheap non reclining ones are at Office Depot, they have it at the store. So I’ll probably just get that one.

Damn it, no reclining soon. Better then falling and breaking something. Like your back. The $450 one reclines though.

But if spending that much, you might be better off with one on some site that listed good ones. Well, more like a site that gets money if you buy something on their list. So probably a useless review. I’ll just get something from Office Depot. Possibly not next month. I might want the $450 chair. That will be a month, when I only buy one thing.

A regular computer chair, isn’t much cheaper, under $200, but they used to have em for $50 or so. My mom has bought me chairs for that price. Or one chair for that price. Or maybe they still do, I’m just too lazy to keep looking.

At the $400+ price, does La-Z-Boy have anything? Except my recliner from them might have issues as well. And it cost like $700 or something. Nice, they have office chairs starting around $300. Now to see the weight limit. Too fat, only 250 pounds. Well, looks like I have to get one from Office Depot.

One review on the $220 gaming chair, says whatever the seat is made out of, started falling off or something. They said it’s like sitting on plywood. Perhaps I should go to the store and sit in it.