Not the best backup method

Just syncing two drives, making the destination exactly the same, means no old files, like Time Machine does on a Mac.

If you need backups of files you are editing, my backup method wouldn’t work for you. Unless you save each file with a different name.

Remember, I don’t delete very many files, if any. Only on my 1 TB drive, cause it’s almost full. Being a file hoarder is a pain. I wonder how much free space I’d have, if I deleted all the crap I don’t need, like Downloads.

Good thing I don’t download porn, I only stream it. If I ever got a gf, she’d get pissed. Cause I’d have a ton of porn. That I only watched each one once.

Good idea, make homemade porn videos, and get a massive collection, no need for the internet anymore. Watch it while you have sex with them. Or use a camera, and plug the HDMI into the TV. Or if it’s on the phone, Air Play the entire screen, that shows the video feed. Would there be audio from the microphone if you do that? “Look at me, not the fucking TV” “But I can only finish if I’m watching a screen” *Turns TV off* “Look at what you did, I went flaccid”