No PS5 for me

Sony emailed me yesterday, saying I can attempt to buy one today starting at 11 AM. Well, you have to wait in line, even if you click the link at 11 AM. Said under 10 minutes at one point, then said over an hour. So decided to take a shower. Well, my turn came up while I was in the shower, and since it’s been ten minutes since my turn, I can no longer attempt to buy it.

If you try getting back in line, it just says your unique URL is in use.

It was basically an entire waste of time. Thinking I needed to get up on time, so I could try buying it. Turns out, I should have just ignored the email. I’m not going to wait in line and do nothing to spend $500. Some people like taking a shower, or going to the bathroom, or eating.

Well, no PS5 for me. Probably most of the people are just going to sell it on eBay. I won’t be waiting in line to buy anything again. I’ll spend $500 on something else instead. Well not this month, and probably not any time soon.