Nice solar panels work inside

Says not as effective if using inside through glass windows. I didn’t click the article link, just read what was on DuckDuckGo.

I wonder how slow it would charge though. Perhaps I should buy the solar panel and find out, it has USB ports, plug my phone in it. I could use it in the bedroom, so nobody can see me on the computer or whatever.

I think I want the power bank first. Going to see if the other brand Jackery or something, has the batteries the Anker has in any of their models. I think the Anker can be recharged 3,000 times, it uses LiFePo4. Or is it only the really expensive Anker that can be recharged that many times?

You can use any solar panel with the Anker, without a special adapter. Don’t think any Jackery ones use LiFePo4. They are cheaper, unless you buy their solar panel. You can get a solar panel for $90, but you’d need an adapter for the Jackery. Hmm, the Jackery + adapter, might be the same price as the Anker. After you use the coupon on the Anker, or maybe even more then the Anker.

Energizer makes one with the same type of battery, more watts and $50 more. Well, more then $50 more, if you use the coupon on the Anker. Can you use any solar panel?

How are they charging it up in just an hour or so? I think the fastest time is 4 hours. They don’t completely drain it? Maybe they only get it down to 50%. Not sold by Amazon, just noticed that.

I’d rather buy Anker in that case, sold by Anker. If it was sold by Energizer, perhaps I’d buy it. I’m also cheap. And the solar panel I found should work with the Anker.

Perhaps I’ll look for the Energizer somewhere else, and buy it in the future. Don’t really need the power bank yet though. Or maybe the power will go out soon, and I do need it. Might not be made by Energizer. Possibly somebody paid to use their brand name.

In that case, a cheap no name brand, is just as good. Perhaps they do make it, their site just sucks ass. Hmm, $35 off coupon. Guess I’ll look at the seller’s history. And maybe some more reviews.

Says they are an authorized seller. I’ll see how much it is in my cart after tax. And how long it would take to get here.

The Anker is fulfilled by Amazon, hence the fast shipping. I don’t need it in a hurry anyways. I might take the more wattage. You need a 100 watt solar panel, to recharge it, or it’s slower. I’m cheap, so I’ll just get the cheaper solar panel that is 60 watts. Or perhaps I’ll change my mind. Can’t buy the solar panel this month. Or I could, and not the power bank.

Probably not worth paying more.

Tenergy makes one, probably isn’t great though.