If you don’t know what you are doing, don’t change the PHP tuning in CyberPanel. It was working fine, then it finally crapped out today. Why does it need the max RAM the server has for the soft limit?

And what’s the memory limit in the PHP config for? If the tuning is different.

No idea, guess I should have looked that up before changing anything. So PHP itself needs more then 512 MB of RAM, and the scripts might be fine with 128 MB, I think that’s what’s in the PHP config.

Either way, PHP is a fucking memory hog. Apparently if you have more then two WordPress sites, you might need more RAM. Since both sites have the same limits, I guess it can just crash the server now, if both PHP instances needs the max.

I’m too cheap to upgrade the server. Though it would probably make the admin interface for WordPress faster, like posting stuff. Wasn’t too slow this time.

If OpenLiteSpeed really needs more then 1 GB of RAM, I’ll just ditch CyberPanel. The server has slightly less then 1 GB of RAM though, according to “free -h”. No control panel is a pain though, so perhaps it’ll convince me to upgrade the server.

And what they say makes no sense on that forum. The server is shared, but I doubt they don’t have enough RAM for all the VPSes, if they didn’t, they’d be overselling, and your VPS would crap out.

Don’t think I manually restarted lsws when I changed it yesterday, apparently it took until some time today for it to restart it itself. Don’t even think I logged in by SSH yesterday.