Looks like my average CPU usage on BuyVM, is under 20%. I have nothing in place to limit the CPU. Nor do I know what I’m doing. Maybe ModSecurity is blocking some of the bots.

Also, the server isn’t running any unneeded stuff, like mail, or DNS. No DirectAdmin, so I don’t have to compile updates. That would make the server use 100% CPU. Depending how long it takes to compile the update, that could make BuyVM angry. If you have a dedicated core it doesn’t matter.

I don’t have any stats, so no idea how many bots are accessing this site anymore. And the logs folder is owned by root, so I can’t easily download the log. And GoAccess doesn’t work, no idea what log format to use, tried using the same stuff that’s in the VHOST config. There’s an old post on the CyberPanel forum, but it doesn’t work anymore. And having to be root to access your logs is lame. I could setup a cron job to copy it once a day, and change the permissions to the user of the domain. But since GoAccess doesn’t work anyways, it’s kind of pointless.

I must have bought decently coded themes. It wouldn’t be decently coded if I did it myself.