Need to setup WireGuard on my iPad mini

But I can't keep the iPad on my desk, I think that's why my phone was having weird WiFi issues, guess the iPad mini interferes if it's too close to the AP. The WiFi kept crapping out in the bathroom on my phone, when the iPad was on my desk.

I can have it on the desk temporally, but I am lazy. Also have to SSH into the Raspberry Pi. And see if there's still an iPad profile. Need the iPad mini's IP as well, not sure which iPad it is on the router, can't remember.

Need WireGuard, so I can access the wired network on it.

I'll probably configure it eventually.

And it's configured. I think I know why it wasn't working when I tried adding another client, I needed the server's public key on the client, not it's own.

Nice, you don't need a third party app to access Samba shares. Just open files, and connect to server.