Misxi Apple Watch 40mm case came

Easy to install, just use the wet wipe on the screen, then the dry wipe, then peel off the back of the case for the screen protection. Then put it on the case, align the cutout for the crown button, so put that side on first. I actually didn’t peel off the back right away, the first thing I did, was see how it goes on. I think somebody on Amazon said to put it on the crown button side first.

Hopefully it’ll protect the screen from puppy teeth.

It does make it slightly more bulky, so if you’ve been using your Apple Watch for a long time without a case, you might have to get used to it.

Better then paying for a $40 case at Best Buy. Not to mention, I got two cases for $12 or so. I just want the screen protected.

I got the transparent one, because I have a red Watch, and want everybody to know, that I support aids. Hmm, I have a black case for my iPhone. Need a transparent one. But I don’t think that brand of case makes one, and I want MagSafe. At least you can see I have a red Watch.

Yes the $40 case is probably better, but if all you want is to protect the screen, the $12 case is probably good enough. If the puppy damages the case, I have an extra one. Would suck if the $40 case got busted, and you had to spend another $40. That’s $80, no thanks.

I have an Apple Watch Series 6, but that case fits other Apple Watches. Too lazy to go to Amazon and see which ones. I think the SE, don’t know what other ones. Think my mom has an SE, if she wants a case, I have one. She didn’t seem too interested when I told her about it, and that it came with two cases.

Does it make the screen quality worse? Hard to tell, not enough to care. I do wonder how it looks in the sun now though. Hopefully still readable in the sun. Might look better, since I cleaned it.

Yes, touch still works on it, would be stupid if it didn’t. What would be the point in making such a case/screen protector if touch didn’t work?

And yes, you can still charge the Watch. I was wondering about that, but it doesn’t enclose the bottom of the Watch. Mostly protection for the screen. Perhaps the $40 case covers the entire Watch. I only need the screen protected. And if it covered the bottom, it would probably mess up the sensors, for your heart rate and blood oxygen. The only reason you might want the bottom covered, is if you drop the Watch a lot. Like it comes undone and crashes on the ground, perhaps a ghost removes it for you. Or you take it off, when your hands are slippery, and it goes flying.

Perhaps take it off with dry hands and when sitting down. And maybe with your wrist over something, like your soft lap.