Might buy a new micro SD card for the Raspberry Pi

How old is the one in it? Think it came with the kit I bought. So it’s pretty reliable, depending on when I bought it. No idea how that person was killing micro SD cards every two months. Turning the Pi off will bust micro SD cards? I leave mine on.

If I buy one, it’ll be a Samhung. It’s the PRO Endurance one.

The site that reviewed cards, the cheapo brand, has some bad reviews on Amazon. I think I have a 512 GB one from that brand in my Switch. Wonder if it still works, probably, I haven’t touched it for months.

The old card I had from them died though, might be a bad card reader that I was using. I got a better one. Or it’s really picky what you do to it. I prefer buying cheap cards. Perhaps I should get a 1 TB card for the Switch. So I can put more games on it, that I’ll probably never play. If there’s a massive power outage, I’ll be playing it. I got a Power Station that can charge it. Just need a solar panel to charge the battery pack.

My Raspberry Pi still has Raspbian on it. Not sure it matters. Switching might require writing the Raspberry Pi OS to a micro SD card, then manually moving data. I guess make a list of stuff installed, and copy the configs for everything. Pain in the ass.