Look at that

I posted something about the monitor not waking up by itself or by an unknown force lately, and around 12 AM, while in bed, the monitor woke up. So perhaps they read that. I know because the security camera recorded it.

If I ever do a paranormal investigation, I'm going to ask them to wake the monitor up. Hmm, I could ask them to type something after waking it up, but it'll be on a lock screen. So perhaps disable the lock screen, and open a text editor, wait for the monitor to sleep, then see if an unknown/invisible force wakes it up, and types something.

I probably won't do an investigation though.

I was wondering why the monitor hasn't been woke up for an unknown reason lately.

If a spirit is doing it, it's probably because I use the computer a lot. I'll likely notice that. Maybe I should get one of those earthquake things, to see if there's a big vibration waking it up.