Kindle was only 99% charged when I woke up

I read on Amazon, that the Power Station, turns the AC off if something is using under a certain amount of watts. I’m guessing DC is the same way. Either the Kindle charges super slow once it gets to 99%, or it lost 1% by the time I woke up, I was sleeping so don’t know.

I’m pretty sure you can disable that, but I’d only disable it if I needed something to stay powered that doesn’t use much power. Hopefully the manual says how, as there may be no internet in a power outage, won’t be using all my cell data to look it up either. Not plugging all the internet stuff into it anyways, the modem isn’t even by the router, there’s a long Ethernet cable.

The Power Station only lost 2% power, 98% now. The Kindle I think had a 69% charge left, and the power bank probably was 80% or more, the power bank was only missing one light.

It may not be used for three months now. Unless I decide to power or charge something else. If I use the laptop enough, it’ll need to be charged. But I don’t know how many watts it uses.