If republicans care so much about life

Why aren't they passing gun control laws? The only purpose of a gun is to kill. They have zero proof that life is being killed by people getting an abortion. There's plenty of proof that guns kill people.

Oh and don't forget about police shootings. They don't seem to be addressing that either.

They don't actually care about life, just votes. It'll be interesting to see who controls congress soon.

Perhaps if the republicans win, and decide to outlaw abortion nationally, and outlaw birth control, the democrat states will make their own country. Then the republicans can live their lives being dumbasses, while the rest can live their lives with their rights. They will lose a lot of tax money. That's too bad for them. But at least they can make Trump the president forever. They can get rid of the constitution and do whatever they want. Perhaps they will be sanctioned.

I should send that to a republican, he'd get pissed though. They care so much about life, so not sure why gun control would piss em off.