I haven’t seen the puppy do that to anybody else

He jumps on the couch, then jumps on me. I heard him wag his tell last time he did it. She says not to give him attention when he does something she doesn’t want him to do. Good luck with that, I can’t help giving a puppy attention. Though it would suck if he ate my dinner.

And when he’s as big or bigger then Bodhi, it will really hurt when he does that. He wants to chew on me. Like my head.

Good thing I don’t have a puppy, they wouldn’t learn to not do anything. And I’d have chew marks all over me, there would be piss and shit everywhere as well.

Didn’t take long for the puppy to start liking me. Well, he seems to like everybody. He doesn’t appear to be nervous like Bodhi yet.

When I went home last night, he was chewing on my pants, or grabbing me by the pants. He might not have wanted me to leave.

He doesn’t exactly care about rules, like not going on the couch.

It was funny when I heard his tail hit the couch. He thinks it was great doing that. Bodhi didn’t do that when he was little.

He has bad manners? What are manners? He’s just being a puppy. I can’t help letting him jump on me and chewing on me. I hope he doesn’t get nervous like Bodhi. Most labs aren’t nervous. But Bodhi is a pandemic dog.