How many watts is my PSU?

Might be under 700 watts, the recommended PSU wattage for the AMD RX 6750 XT I was looking at, is 700 watts. No idea if a different one would recommend less watts.

But I think it’s enough watts for the cheaper AMD RX 6650 XT.

Don’t really need a new GPU, I haven’t been playing anything on the computer. Do wonder if the stutter would be gone in Wurm Online with a different GPU. You could test that with an old GPU though. That game doesn’t need a very good GPU. And my old GPU, is about the same performance, buying this one was kind of a waste of money. Thought the fan was going out on it. This one sounds worse with the fan at 100%, so I let it get hot instead.

Perhaps this GPU is defective. Or is getting too hot. Not using it with the fan at 100% though, pretty sure it’s too fucking loud. MSI hates Linux, so they wouldn’t care. I only bought a MSI motherboard because they seem reliable. But I should have bought something else, since MSI hates Linux.

At least everything I use on the motherboard works.

I may never assemble a new computer though. World War 3 will be starting soon. Well, it’s already starting, it starts with a war in Ukraine. That should make the chip shortage worse. Not to mention, my computer works just fine for everything I do. The Mac mini doesn’t exactly have enough RAM to be very useful. No idea why Apple sells Mac minis with 8 GB of RAM.