Good job

Since humans reproduce, without thinking, they just want babies, the Earth can’t support 8 billion people. Some will go to Mars. Probably not me. So I might not live to be 80. Is that a good thing?

I won’t go to Mars if the option is only me, and not anybody I know. I still might not go.

And it’s possible Aliens don’t have free will. Which makes no sense, as how are they coming here? If somebody was dictating everything they do, why would they send them here? Not sure free will is the part of our soul that is different. Or life essence as Aliens call it.

So I don’t have to reincarnate? Since humans can’t reproduce like animals anymore? How can I be an Alien if our souls aren’t the same?

Or perhaps we have free will when dying, and that is what they want. If that’s the case, I don’t have to reincarnate. If they leave me and my family behind on this planet, I won’t reincarnate. Hopefully they don’t get pregnant, so they got my message, you suck. Oh wait, I’m supposed to let go. Probably supposed to do that when dead too.

What happens if you don’t let go when dead? Get stuck on an empty planet?

Apparently they can get to Mars in 17 hours.

The making babies hasn’t slowed down. People are still too stupid to understand the planet can’t support as many people that are on it.

Or will they take enough people so the planet can support the ones left behind? Mars probably can’t support that many people either. Well, that’s a bummer, if you care about living.

And if they don’t have free will, how can they make human hybrids? I don’t think who’s controlling their will, would allow that. Hmm, perhaps I don’t know what free will is.

Well, I might be one lucky man, having a human soul.

In the future, those who had babies can feel bad now. For causing humans to all die on this planet. Except, I wouldn’t exist, if she didn’t have babies.

Well, the world being communism and fascism, won’t be that bad. Since apparently we are all going to die that are left on this planet. So the communism won’t last long.