Finally bought the Kindle version of STOP Obsessing

Oh and since I signed out of everything, I had to type the long random password in on the Kindle. Lost my position in the book I was reading as well. I had to recopy the books to it. It basically wiped the Kindle, as soon as it connected to WiFi.

I assume the books I bought before this one, I read. No way to know on the Kindle, since it basically removed the books, and everything associated with it. Might be because the books have the spyware removed, so it might not upload the position or anything to Amazon. Or Amazon is a dick, and deletes before uploading.

I used the Mac mini, pretty sure the eBook software is available for Linux, but you have to get a plugin or something to remove spyware. I’m too lazy to lookup what you need to do it on my Linux PC. Much easier to use the Mac mini.

I bought another book as well, which I’m more interested in. I think I remembered the chapter I was on in the book I was reading. That book is boring though. I probably forgot everything I read. I forgot the other two books I didn’t know I bought as well.

So buying the books was probably a waste of money, I’ll just forget instantly what I read.

Maybe I’ll wake up with the Kindle by me in bed now. Like I did with the book by me. There’s a camera in the living room, so I might know how it got moved. The Kindle is in the living room. If I’m sleep walking and grab it, I should know thanks to the camera. If I see it floating in the air, well I can’t answer how it got moved. Some invisible force moved it.

It might be too late to read that book. Thanks to cognitive decline. Now if I wake up with it by me in bed, or by my bed, I’ll probably change my mind. In that case, I know I’m probably not putting it by me in bed. And I’ll hopefully know because of the camera. Now they could mess up the camera so it records nothing. Which I’ll take as proof I didn’t move it.

Says I have over 20 GB free on my Kindle. Must have bought the 32 GB one. I know I bought one of the bigger ones, I like hoarding stuff, including books. I may never have to delete any books.

They only seemed to charge me for one book though. I did get a credit after buying the second book, should have bought it first, and got a dollar off the other one. Perhaps they are waiting to charge me, in case I buy more. Or it just hasn’t showed up yet.