Does this Power Station cause WiFi interference?

Phone is doing the thing where the internet doesn’t work in the bathroom again. The Power Station is being charged in the living room.

I got it to work, by opening the app for my AP. Then it started working right. I think toggling the WiFi fixes it too. Don’t know if it happens on anything else, I don’t take any other WiFi device to the crapper. I thought the internet was out the first time it happened, ended up not reading anything, and put it back in my pocket that time. Then it was working at my desk.

The internet did go out two days in a row, at night. So I just thought it was out again the first time. But then it happened again, when I went to use the crapper again.

And how will you get the time if there’s a massive power outage and internet outage? You might have power, but no way to sync your time. Not like you’ll need to go anywhere at a certain time, if there’s no power, or internet.