Channels DVR TV guide data sucks

It combines three shows into one three hour recording, it thinks that show is three hours long. Expedition Unknown, Expedition X, and Josh Gates tonight, all in one giant recording.

They should let you pay a one time fee for Channels DVR, but with no TV guide data, so I can get TV guide data from somebody else. Hmm, except, it’s recording that from the internet, using Chromium or something. Not sure if the TV guide data needs to be special for that. Or if they just give it a channel that the TV guide has for a cable channel.

Well, they should tell their provider, to fix their TV guide data. It’s annoying as fuck. As I have to watch TV for three hours straight. You could pause it, and possibly resume it where you left off. But I might forget that the shows are in one giant recording.

You can also start watching sooner, if each show is in it’s own recording. The commercial detection doesn’t run till it’s over. Now if it didn’t have new commercial detection for TV Everywhere shows, you wouldn’t even be watching the same night. The regular commercial detection takes a long time on a Raspberry Pi.