Anker PowerHouse

The one for $200 has one AC socket.

There's other brands that sell power banks like that, but I've heard of Anker. If you get the one for around a grand, you can solar charge it.

Can you solar charge the $200 one? And is it pure sine wave? They have another one for a little over $200, that has more AC sockets, and watts.

The event in 2025, might take out the power grid. If my stuff survives, I might like some power. Probably not enough power for everything. How much power does my soundbase use? I might want some music. Hmm, perhaps copy the music to my iPad. Or get a external drive to store music and other stuff on. Haven't tried using my USB Type-C to A adapter on the iPad, it has USB Type-C. Used it with Android phones a long time ago.

In the future, iPhones might switch to USB Type-C. That might make me buy a new one. More stuff uses USB Type-C then Lightning.

You can use the $1399 one as a UPS. What about the cheaper ones? Oh wait, you can't change the batteries like a regular UPS, you have to replace the entire thing.

The $200 one claims pure sine wave.

You probably want to spend $50 more. It has a solar panel port. How are you going to recharge it if the power grid is knocked out? Solar would probably be the easiest.

Why doesn't it say if it's pure sine wave like the $200 one? You can get $20 off currently. I won't buy it till next month at the soonest, if I buy it. Looking for a solar panel now for it.

Found a solar panel.

Hmm, will that Anker catch on fire if left in storage? And are you supposed to charge it every so often? Might need more then one. Or get a more expensive model. But I like more then one better. I have a backup if one dies that way.

Would be funny, if the power grid went out, and I'm the only one in the building with power. I'll probably get robbed.