AMD announced new budget APUs for cheaper laptops

So for $400 I can get a better brand in the future? My laptop was under $400 I think, or $400 max. I want dual channel RAM as well. That’s all my laptop needs, and it would probably run Wurm Online better.

But I probably won’t buy a new laptop, as I don’t really play Wurm Online anymore. Just The Elder Scrolls Online on the Xbox Series S.

There’s no 6000 series CPUs for desktops? If not, there won’t be any new CPUs for my motherboard. Will the new motherboards have USB 4? If so, you can make a small cheap one, and use an eGPU with it. I’ll probably keep the computer I have for a long time. Looks like the new 7000 series will possibly all have integrated GPU.

You won’t need a computer in 2030 anyways. It’ll supposedly be a super state with communism and fascism. So no more freedom of speech. There probably won’t be any fun video games to play anymore either.