That’s another way to lose players

Dick players. Not to mention, there's no objective in Wurm Online. There's no point to the game, you are leveling skills up for no real reason.

The Elder Scrolls Online has lots of quests, and there appears to be no text chat at least on the Xbox. Voice is disabled. So I probably won't know if any players are dicks.

If you start playing Wurm Online, and don't use the chat, you probably won't figure the game out. Unless you read the Wiki.

Oh and it stutters in Linux. I doubt a new GPU would fix it. Not sure what the point in a new GPU for Wurm Online is, when it usually gets 90 FPS.

So I think I'll just play The Elder Scrolls Online and nothing else, maybe Far Cry 6 eventually, the Lola stuff doesn't work, says I'm offline most of the time. So can't complete the insurgency or whatever. Good thing I bought The Elder Scrolls Online, otherwise Xbox Live would have been a waste of money.

I don't think the dick player has an Xbox, so I won't be seeing him playing that game.

I could just play the game on PvE, since he moved, and I'd never see him. But I think I'll pass. Got to spend all my time playing The Elder Scrolls Online.

Not to mention, it isn't worth paying for to play either. You could not pay, but good luck doing much. Mine will probably expire, and three months later, my account will be deleted.

I think some women quit for the same reason, dick players.

You can do different stuff if you level up skills. But there's still no objective, so what's the point? Since it's an old game, why does my laptop barely get 20 FPS? Possibly because of no dual channel RAM. But still, it's an ancient game, shouldn't matter.

Probably because it's written in Java. Does the low memory client get more FPS on a laptop? I have 16 GB of RAM on it, so not really low memory. Not going to test it to find out, don't really care. It could probably run WoW better.